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Message in a Bottle

Yesterday I finished reading "Message in a Bottle" - by Nicholas Sparks. I remembered seeing some parts of the trailer for the movie version, and knew the leading characters were played by Kevin Costner and Robin Wright Penn. Throughout the novel I mostly found the story slow-paced, which in this instance I saw as a shortcoming, except for some parts that were good for my taste. But the end left a great impression on me and made me understand the whole book more fully. Because the novel was made into a Hollywood movie, I expected a happy ending and was quite overwhelmed when it didn't come.

I'm not planning to watch the movie. If I happen to see a good movie based on a novel, my habit is to read the novel as well, but not the other way around.

Nonetheless, I took the time to check if the plot is changed in the movie. And indeed it is. Some of the changes, in my humble opinion, are good, some are not.

The author had other books made into movies: "The Notebook", "A Walk to Remember", "Nights in Rodhanthe". My first contact with the work of Nicholas Sparks was through the movie version of "The Notebook", which is changed a bit from the original. However, I liked them both. The second part, "The Wedding", I didn't like at all.

Generally, Nicholas Sparks is an interesting writer. I will look forward to reading others of his works.

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