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Fresh Start with Hobbies

So, this is my very first blog. I've been thinking of starting it
for some time now,but I was putting if off forever. And now
that I found myself with some free time on my hands, I did
it. This coincides with a difficult period of my life. I made a
commitment to myself to start doing all the little projects I
had stored up in my mind for the indefinite future:

1.  Sew something I won't be ashamed to wear in public.
Reconstruct old clothes into something wearable.
2.  Grow a plant that will survive for more than 2 weeks.
3.  Cook something that will be edible.
4.  Learn foreign languages not only for work, but also for
the fun of it.
5.  Travel for more than one weekend.
6.  Read what I like and not what other people think I must
7.  Watch good movies.
8.  Do small repairs on my home before it falls apart on its
own. Do home improvements for my own comfort.
9.  Take pictures that don't look like a horror story.
10. Start drawing, despite my limited art skills.
11. Make greeting cards from paper for family and friends.
12. Knit something for myself.

As I know myself, I will probably come up with some new
ideas before I find time to finish all of this list.

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