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I’m in love with the new video of Madonna - "Celebration". This woman doesn’t stop to amaze me. She is so agile and her body is so toned for her age. The song is very rhythmic and she looks great in the video, really classy.

I must follow her example and do something about my own fitness regime. I know she is constantly training and keeping a healthy diet. As for the diet, I could probably manage pretty well, as I’m eating more or less wholesome food and rarely eat junk food. But the physical training would be real torture, as I don’t have any habit whatsoever in physical exercising. But if I want to be fit, it must be done, fun or no fun.

Interestingly, I find the dances of Beyonce in "Sweet dreams", Shakira in "She Wolf", and Madonna in "Celebration" very similar. Maybe this is the new wave in dance moves, who knows? I wish I could move like them.

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